Where dogs can "houndabout" in safety

Houndabout MK offer two fully enclosed fields designed with dogs in mind! Based near Little Horwood, and about 10 minutes from Milton Keynes, our purpose-built fields are available to you and your dog to hire for exclusive use all year round, seven days a week.

With 6 foot fencing surrounding each of the fields, on site parking, coded gated entry and a range of play equipment and enrichment activities we have created a genuinely safe and fun environment for dogs to run and play off lead.


Each field is completely independent and separate from one another with a 30 metre gap and a mature hedgerow between the fields. 


Ideal for dogs that cannot be let off lead in public places – whether its because they prefer their own space, need additional work on recall or a recent rescue that you'd like to bond with, or just for anyone who enjoys watching their dog run free!


Your session gives you full and exclusive use of one of the fields and it's own on site car park and gives you the peace of mind that you won't be disturbed by other dogs, people or other unwanted distractions.

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So you want to book a session?

Prior to booking your first Field Hire Session and attending either Field 1 or Field 2 with your dogs you MUST REGISTER as a user with Houndabout MK.


The initial Registration DOES NOT include a Field Hire.  When you register we will send you a registration email summarising our main terms of use and a video introduction providing instructions about our procedures for arriving and leaving the facility and our Terms of Use in further detail. We will also require a copy of your dogs most current vaccination records or a recent titre test certificate from your vet as an alternative.

Upon completion of the registration you will then be able to book the Field Hire Sessions online via our booking page.

Please note that friends/family from other households are required to have registered independently prior to being able to visit and share a session with you.


  1. Please make sure you have read the Terms of Use for hire of the fields (Click on 'Read Terms of Use' link above)

  2. Below, select the ‘Registration & Video Introduction - NO FIELD SESSION INCLUDED'  box

  3. Click continue on the next available date and complete registration details

  4. Tick the box to confirm you have fully read and agree to the terms of use and Ts & Cs

  5. Follow the steps to payment

  6. You will receive a confirmation email that your registration has been logged. Within 24-48 hours we will then follow up with a Registration Email and a Video Introduction providing full details about our Terms of Use and other information about using the fields


For those using Apple devices, or should you find you experience problems with submitting the form below, please click on the link provided here to book your slot.



Reschedule or cancel an upcoming appointment by clicking on the Change/Cancel Appointment link in your confirmation email. To qualify for a refund cancellations must be made 24 hours before your booking starts. Please allow 72 hours to receive the refund. A 50p admin charge is applicable for all cancellations. 

  • IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR ALL USERS – Please read and familiarise yourself with the signage on each of the field gates. These provide reminders about the procedures in place for arrival and departure of the facility and details regarding our main Terms of Use whilst using the fields.

  • Remember that the fields are based in a semi rural location with local residents living in close proximity - please be respectful and minimise noise disturbances as much as possible. The fields should only be used for the purpose of dog exercise, they are not a recreational area and should not be treated as such.