Field Terms of Use – HoundaboutMK

 The HoundaboutMK field is intended to be a fun place, but it must also be a safe place. By using the facilities you agree to the following Terms of Use. 



Use of the field is entirely at your own risk. HoundaboutMK, trading name of On All Paws accepts no liability for the death of or any injury of any person or dog, or for damage to any property. HoundaboutMK also accepts no liability for any losses, claims, actions, damages, costs, expenses or other liability incurred whilst onsite. Vehicles and contents are left at their owners risk. Yours and your dogs' behaviour and actions are your sole responsibility and no claim can be made against HoundaboutMK, trading name of On All Paws.

You are liable for any damage caused inside and outside of the field by you, your dog(s) or any person in your party. All dogs must be covered under their own third party insurance (public liability insurance). This is usually included in your pet insurance.

We are located in a semi rural setting in CLOSE PROXIMITY TO NEIGHBOURING RESIDENTS so above all else please MINIMISE NOISE DISTURBANCES AND BE MINDFUL OF THE LOCAL RESIDENTS. Please restrict dogs barking as much as possible and adults/children should also avoid being to vocal and excitable.

The field should only be used for the purpose of dog exercise. It is NOT A RECREATIONAL AREA and should not be treated as such . The HoundaboutMK field may not be suitable for all dogs due to the proximity of livestock, sounds of neighbouring farm dogs, gun shots and bird scarers. Please assess the suitability for your own dog. Every effort is made to maintain the field but it should be noted and accepted that the field may be muddy and the ground is likely to be uneven in places and the presence of brambles and thorns are a possibility as you’d find in any rural setting. Users must also inspect the field to ensure that it is suitable for use by their dog/s, fence height etc.


All users must first complete an Introduction Session with a member of the HoundaboutMK team. If it is your first visit please select the First Time Introduction Session on the booking page. Once you have completed the Introduction Session you may book a Private Field Hire appointment.  SESSIONS CAN ONLY BE SHARED WHEN EACH USER IS REGISTERED - A MAXIMUM OF 2 CARS IS PERMITTED PER BOOKING.


Please follow these following important steps when you arrive for your sessions at the field, ensuring the safety of your own dog and others also using the field.


Bookings start on the hour and last 50 minutes. The final 10 minutes of your booking slot is to provide enough time for you to retrieve your dog, to put them on lead and to return to your vehicle and vacate the car park prior to the next appointment. Dogs must be back in the car before the end of the session to allow for the next dog to enter at their allotted time.

Please leave promptly at the end of your session, even if you arrived late. Any user who overstays will be restricted from using the field in the future.

PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE MORE THAN 2-3 MINUTES EARLY before your session start time as this will limit the enjoyment of the users before you and/or cause their dogs stress. When arriving early please remain parked outside the outer gate, beside the fencing, until the previous session has vacated the car park, before entering.




When you arrive you must;



Please arrive cautiously, and before opening the outer gate, check that the previous user isn’t in the car park loading their dog back into their vehicle. Please do not attempt to open the outer gate whilst any dogs are in the car park area, even if they are on lead. It is extremely important not to enter the car park area when the previous user is still in the field or still in the car park as this could have serious consequences for nervous or reactive dogs.


Instead wait in your vehicle parked to the left hand side of the lane beside the fencing and ensuring the outer gate is left clear. The previous session will vacate the car park and is expected to lock the gate behind them before leaving, even if someone is parked waiting for the next session. This is to ensure that only authorised people with the code can gain access.


Once the previous appointment has left you can enter the car park. Please ensure the outer gate is shut and padlocked before taking your dogs out the vehicle.

Your dog must be under your control and remain on lead until you are in the enclosed field, and the gate is closed and padlocked behind you.

If the previous appointment is still in the field when your booking starts, please inform us immediately.

Never enter the enclosed field while somebody else is in it. There is a padlock to lock yourself in to prevent anyone from entering when you are inside.

Once the field is vacated input the gate code into the padlock making sure that the numbers are aligned precisely then press the black button at the bottom and the lock will open.



On leaving the field, please always lock the inner gate, even if someone is waiting to come in. This is to ensure that only authorised users can access the facility. Never divulge your passcode to anyone. On leaving the car park please lock the outer gate for its security.


Other rules for the use of the field


PICK UP YOUR DOGS POO! Any user failing to pick up dog waste will lead to the refusal of future use. Please supply your own poo bags and dispose in the black bin provided next to the gate in the field.

Please do not exercise your dog outside the secure field area.

Dogs must be kept on leads until safely inside the secure field boundary and the gate closed.

Please make sure the field gate is closed immediately upon entering and leaving the field


PLAY EQUIPENT IS INTENDED FOR DOGS ONLY so we ask adults and any children visiting NOT TO CLIMB ON THESE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Children are welcome on the field but must be supervised by an adult at all times. The enrichment areas (logs, tyres, tunnels) are designed to be used by the dogs only and children should not attempt to climb on them.

Please be aware that the field may be muddy, particularly during the winter months so ensure that you wear appropriate footwear.

Please do not climb on fencing or gates

Please do not cause any obstructions.

Do not drop litter or leave toys or uneaten treats in the field. Dogs may swallow them and become ill so please take everything home with you at the end of your session.

No smoking anywhere on site.

DO NOT bring any food into the field.

No grooming anywhere on site.

No drones or other mechanically propelled devices are permitted on the fields

If dogs wish to dig, encourage them to use the digging pit provided. DO NOT ALLOW your dogs to dig holes in the field. Any holes dug outside of the pit must be refilled before you leave and reported for safety and security reasons. 

There must always be a ratio of no more than 3 dogs to 1 adult. The standard booking fee covers 1-3 dogs; additional dogs are charged at £2 per dog up to a maximum of 5 dogs.

If you wish to share your slot with friends it is your responsibility to ensure that they read and agree to these Terms of Use and that they have also completed an introduction. Please ensure that all dogs get along before bringing them to the facility.

If sharing your slot with friends, due to limited parking on site, a maximum of 2 vehicles is permitted per booking when using the 2.6 acre field.




HoundaboutMK is a safe and peaceful retreat for everybody. Please give people and dogs plenty of space. Any disrespectful behaviour will lead to refusal of future use.

Please respect neighbours’ privacy. HoundaboutMK is not affiliated with neighbouring farms and residential properties. Please do not enter their land and be respectful of the local residents by minimising dogs barking. Adults & children should also avoid being too vocal & excitable.

Although HoundaboutMK is intended to be a safe space for all dogs with behavioural issues, it is a condition of our Environmental Health department that dogs who exhibit excessive, persistent patterns of barking behaviour will be restricted from using the facility.



HoundaboutMK is not liable for any death, damage, injury or loss to any person or animal while using the facility or the equipment within it, or to any third party as a result of any person or dog.

The enrichment equipment (logs, tyres, tunnels) is designed for canine use only. Before using the facility or the equipment within it, visit the vet to ensure that dogs are physically fit and strong enough to perform activities.

Do not use equipment in wet or icy conditions as surfaces become slippery.

Dogs must never be picked up and placed on obstacles but instead left to explore them freely and only if they choose to.

Never push dogs to do anything that they are not physically or mentally capable of. Allow dogs to go at their own pace and always give them the option of not doing something.



Dogs must be up to date with vaccinations or titer tested and regularly treated for flea, tick and worm prevention. If titer testing we also require the leptospirosis vaccination. Proof of vaccinations must be brought to the Introduction Session. Titer test records must be sent to us 48 hours in advance of the Introduction Session.

Do not bring your dog to the field if they or any other pets in your household are or have been unwell in the last 48 hours. Doing so could be harmful to other dogs.

All sessions must comply with HoundaboutMK's reward-based training values. We reserve the right to cancel or end any session that may not comply.

Choke chains, prong collars, and electronic devices are not allowed.

Harsh handling of dogs, either verbal or physical is not allowed.

Never leave dogs unattended in the field and no dogs to be left in vehicles while you walk other dogs in the field.



To ensure safety and security standards, dog trainers working with their clients will only be allowed by prior arrangement.




No extension is allowed for late arrival to the field.

No refunds are given for no-show to session booking.

Cancellations and amendments must be made 24 hours in advance of the scheduled booking to qualify for a refund (cancellations). A 50p admin charge is applicable for all cancellations.

We reserve the right to close the field at any time, for which a full refund will be given. Cancellation will be notified to the field user/booker.



HoundaboutMK, trading name of On All Paws is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. We hold your personal information in order to provide you with a service and for internal record keeping. Your name is needed to track payments and your email address is needed to send you the gate access code. If you opt in to receive news updates from us you have the option to opt out at any time. We will never pass your information to any third party. By processing your booking and indicating that you would like to receive further information from us, you consent to us using your personal information in the above ways. To view our full Privacy Notice please visit



HoundaboutMK's services are subject to an annual price increase.

Responsibility/Release and Assumption of Risk: Client acknowledges that the Services offered may be an activity in which damage or injury to animal(s) and/or persons may occur. Client will assume full financial responsibility for the actions of their animal(s) and any person(s) in their party. I/We Client understand and are aware that the Services described in this Agreement contain inherent risks and dangers which could result in death, injury and/or damage to and/or by Client’s animal(s) which may arise resulting from, but not limited to, the risks of rural settings such as uneven ground, holes, or floods, the hazards of all types of traffic, dangerous dogs and animals, interaction with people and other animals, dog aggression, dog attacks, injury to animals or persons, exposure to areas with novel or unfamiliar stimulus, all types of weather and/or unsafe conditions, the dangers of civil disturbance, the forces of nature. In consideration of, and as part of the payment for the Services provided herein, I/We Client have and do hereby expressly assume all of the above risks. The terms of this agreement shall serve as a release and express assumption of risk for myself, my animal(s), my guest(s), my heirs, assignees, administrators, executors, and all members of my family, including any minors.

I have read and fully understand the provisions and the legal consequences of this Release and Assumption of Risk and I hereby agree to all its conditions, especially noting and agreeing to the release of HoundaboutMK, trading name of On All Paws, and its agents, employees, officers, directors, associates, affiliated companies, subcontractors, and related individuals to the extent permitted by law, from liability for death, injury or damage to or by my animal(s), and assume all risks thereof and full financial responsibility for the actions of my animal(s).

HoundaboutMK, trading name of On All Paws, may use their discretion to stop and end the service at any time that a pet poses a danger to the safety or health of itself or other dogs, people or employees.

Severability: If any provision of this agreement is deemed to be unenforceable for any reason, this will not affect the validity and enforceability of any other provision of this Agreement.

Either Client or Service Provider has the right to terminate this Agreement at any time by notice to the other. Client acknowledges that Services will cease upon termination of this Agreement. This Agreement supersedes all other agreements, written or oral, between Client and Service Provider.


1. For the purpose of this document the Service Provider is HoundaboutMK, trading name of On All Paws.
2. For the purpose of this document the terms You, Client, User, Pet Owner, Handler and I/We Client are synonymous with the service user.


By using the field, it is accepted that the user has read and agreed to all the the terms of use.

Finally… enjoy the field!

You can now relax knowing that you and your dogs have a safe space to exercise.